WiP – The Temple of Kyblaros

The Background As promised in one of my last post, I will now start my first work in progress (WiP) series of posts. Instead of starting with a full setting or world or a whole adventure I will begin rather small. With a single dungeon ... more specifically the following dungeon: Dungeon Map You'll quickly … Continue reading WiP – The Temple of Kyblaros

A little intermezzo

I know I promised i would present some of my stuff in this post ... and I'm going to do exactly that. Just not as part of the WIP series 😉 Instead you'll get not one, but three little adventures today. You see, a few weeks back on Bryces' new forum a guy calls himself … Continue reading A little intermezzo

Crush Fiesta Vol. 1 – The challenged DM

One of the most fundamental and important aspects of every traditional roleplaying game is the relationship between DM and players. This relationship has many facets like the trust between these two, the way the system gives power to each or the way they communicate which each other. For the first Crush Fiesta I looked at … Continue reading Crush Fiesta Vol. 1 – The challenged DM